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Exploring 4K: Does Color Trump Resolution? 

"Joining manufacturers that include Digital Projection (DPI) and Sony in their enthusiasm for laser-based projectors, Silver says these products along with LED solutions will be able to deliver the color gamut capabilities that are a part of the next-generation formats." 

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VIDEO: Digital Projection at Electrosonic Technology Day 2014 - Dartford, Kent

See the 4k laser illuminated, 12,000 lumen projector.


Projection Mapping Moves Past its Novelty Stage

"DP also is seeing an increase in requests from its staging partners who want to discuss projection mapping projects, Collins noted. “We have participated in both indoor and outdoor projects. Even the smaller and midsized staging companies have approached us for advice and guidance.”" 

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Projector and Projection Screen Manufacturers Play to the Multipurpose Room Market


“For the residential market, creative solutions to the limited LED light output are allowing Digital Projection to develop the brightest LED projection solutions available while simultaneously delivering a color gamut that tracks alongside the Rec 2020 color space,” said Michael Bridwell, vice president of marketing and home entertainment for the company.

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The Secret to Life-Saving Tech Support

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