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DP wins 4th award from InfoComm 2014

rAVe pubs has chosen the INSIGHT LASER 4K as ‘Best High-End Fixed Install Projector’ 

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Kalomirakis Builds Biggest Little Home Theater in New York City

"On the video side, the room has a Digital Projection M-Vision Cine LED 1000 projector. This model was just introduced at CEDIA in 2013. It’s an impressively bright LED DLP projector for about $12,000." 

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Rental & Staging Roadshow: July 23

Join DP and more at the Rental & Staging Roadshow - July 23, New York City. Register here.


DPI Puts Frickin’ Lasers In Its New Projectors

"The latest innovation from DPI is the use of lasers in its projectors as a source of light. And this isn’t quite as uncommon as it may seem, although it’s pretty novel in projectors of this caliber." 

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Front Projection Basics: Your Ticket to Home Theater Nirvana

“Video entertainment has expanded beyond traditional movies, thus creating a demand for a room more flexible than a dedicated theater,” says Digital Projection International VP of Marketing and Home Entertainment Michael Bridwell. 

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