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Projectors: the key indicators of image quality

David Close, products and applications manager, EMEA at Digital Projection, discusses image quality.

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How They Did It: Personalized Luxury


A DPI 3D Titan projector is showcased in this luxury home theater.

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5 Star-Trek-inspired home theaters that even Picard would be jealous of 

This Star Trek-themed home theater includes a $130,000 projector from Digital Projection.

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Why Loyalty Matters to Manufacturers and What They Can Do to Earn It

“You seem to really prefer working with the ____ rep team. Why is that exactly?”

As a member of a hardware manufacturer, I am part of an elite group. Depending on the economic cycle, product curve, or current trend of the moment, I’m allowed to vent about shifting bid specs, slow payables, having to predict the future of certifications and standards, etc. Note that I’m not saying I should — I’m simply highlighting the fact that the way of the manufacturer is oftentimes a trying path. Coming to terms with the feeling that your control is limited — and that sometimes things happen to you, not because of you — is an important part of coming to peace with the life of a manufacturer.

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